Hi! I’m Przemyslaw Drazewski a passionate
Frontend Developer with + 9 years of experience. I love delivering scalable, managed CSS architecture based on Atomic Design and Styleguide Driven Development.

I’m based in Katowice (Poland), currently working as freelance & Web Developer at ENP

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In the making
ES6, Meteor, MongoDB, React, React Native, Redux, RxJs, MEAN, EspressJS, Heroku, Angular2, Vue
CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Web Design with mobile-first approach, SCSS, Atomic Design, Styleguide Driven Development, BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, Twitter Boostrap, TWIG/Smarty, Schema.org, email bulletproof templating, Google API: Maps, Analitycs, Page Speed Insights
native, jQuery, Grunt, Gulp, Underscore, JS Hint, JS templates (Handlebars, Mustache), module/revealing module pattern, Angular 1.x, ReactJS, Require.js, Backbone
Jasmine, Nightwatch.js, Sentry, Track JS
Photoshop, Mockflow, Visual Regression Testing with Casper/Phantom JS, UX research, coding with pixel-perfect approach
Version Control Systems
GIT (github, gitlab, bitbucket, git tortoise), SVN (svn tortoise)
Slack, Jira, Trello, Ghostlab, Browsersync, Sauce Labs, Browserstack, Litmus, Sublimetext, Confluence, Composer, Bower, Hipchat, Nirvanahq
Team work
Agile (Scrum, Kanban), 1on1 meetings, conducting employment interviews, leading daily scrum meetings, planings and retrospectives
Additional skills
Ecommerce UX best practices (+7 years of experience in developing ecommerce projects for European market)


FrontTrends 2016, UX Poland 2016, dotJS 2014, meet.js, Agile Silesia, Devmeetings
Udemy, Pluralsight, Codeacademy, Codeshool, Codewars


styleguides.io, the web ahead, the big web show
Online resources
csstricks, smashingmagazine, codrops, csswizardy, a list apart, xfive, mobify, sitepoint, html5rocks
Brad Frost, Harry Roberts, Chirs Coyier, Tod Otto, Paul Irish, Addy Osmani, Hugo Giraudel, Lea Verou, Tim Kadlec